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A Trailblazer in EV Charging Solutions Pioneering Innovations in EV Charging

Dalian Luobinsen Power Equipment Co., Ltd. stands at the forefront of the electric vehicle (EV) charging industry, celebrated for its pioneering innovations. Being as the EV charger supplier, the company has consistently demonstrated its commitment to providing cutting-edge EV charging solutions.

Group Charger: Pinnacle of Efficiency

Super Wide Output Voltage Range: Luobinsen’s Group Charger stands out with its impressive 200~1000V super wide output voltage range. This adaptability ensures compatibility with a variety of EV models, making it a preferred choice for commercial parking lots, fleet charging, highways, and public charging stations.

Flexible Dispenser Selection: Providing flexibility, the Group Charger allows users to choose between a normal or super-fast dispenser. This customization ensures that the charging solution aligns with specific requirements, enhancing the efficiency of the charging process.

Portable Charger: Unmatched Convenience

Fit for Most EV/HEV: Luobinsen’s Portable Charger is a versatile solution designed to fit most EVs and HEVs. This portability makes it an ideal choice for EV owners seeking a reliable and convenient charging option.

Private Residential Application: The Portable Charger is perfectly suited for private residential use, offering homeowners a reliable and efficient way to charge their electric vehicles. Its compact design ensures it seamlessly integrates into various residential settings.


Luobinsen emerges as a trusted partner in the realm of EV charging solutions. Whether you’re managing a commercial parking lot, a fleet of electric vehicles, or seeking a portable charging option for personal use, Luobinsen’s diverse offerings cater to your unique needs. Elevate your EV charging infrastructure with Luobinsen as your chosen EV charger supplier, and embrace the future of electric mobility with confidence.

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