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APT Medical: Revolutionizing Cardiology with Cutting-Edge Solutions

Cardiology, a field dedicated to the study and treatment of heart-related diseases, is constantly evolving with advancements in medical technology. APT Medical, a leading manufacturer in the EP and Vascular Intervention industry, contributes to this evolution by bringing cutting-edge cardiology intervention solutions.

APT Medical – Pioneering Excellence in Cardiology

In the realm of cardiology, APT Medical stands out as a trusted name, dedicated to providing state-of-the-art solutions and services to medical professionals and institutions. With a deep understanding of the unique challenges and requirements of the interventional cardiology field, APT Medical has developed a comprehensive range of products and services that cater to the needs of medical equipment distributors and agents, as well as hospitals and clinics.

Superior Length and Extraordinary Capability

Expressman™ Guiding Extension Catheter has a 35cm exchange segment, which is one of the longest rapid exchange segments in the market, keeping the entry port not in the great arch nor subclavian artery, contributing to the excellent pushability and device deliverability.

Unparalleled Performance with Unique Side Holes Design

What makes Expressman™ Guiding Extension Catheter stand out is its unique side holes design in the world offering an auxiliary pathway while treating complex or distal long lesions. With four side holes in a 90° spatial distribution, this device contributes to offering antegrade blood flow during deep intubation in the distal coronary artery, preventing ischemia and pressure damping.

Safer Operation Support with a True One-Piece Design

Patient safety is of utmost importance during interventional procedures. The Expressman™ Guiding Extension Catheter’s true one-piece design provides additional safety during transportation. With a double welded construction, this catheter offers a secure connection, minimizing the risk of junction break, enhancing the confidence of the operator.


APT Medical’s unwavering commitment to excellence and their comprehensive range of solutions make them the ideal partner for medical professionals in the cardiology field. With their cutting-edge products and services, such as the Expressman™ Guiding Extension Catheter, APT Medical empowers healthcare providers to perform complex procedures with increased support and smooth delivery.

Choose APT Medical as your trusted partner in cardiology. Experience the transformative power of their innovative solutions and elevate treatment to new heights. With APT Medical, you can trust in their dedication to revolutionizing the field of cardiology and improving patient outcomes.

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