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Reliable Protection: Winner Medical’s SMMS Surgical Gown

Healthcare professionals are well aware of the significance of reliable protective gear in surgical procedures. Winner Medical’s SMMS surgical gown offers a trustworthy solution for optimal protection. This article explores the features and benefits of the SMMS surgical gown, highlighting its effectiveness in moderate-risk surgical settings.

Superior Material for Enhanced Protection

The SMMS surgical gown is crafted from hydrophobic SMMS material, making it an ideal choice for procedures of moderate duration that involve moderate amounts of body fluids. The gown’s design prioritizes protection against potential infections, ensuring the safety of both medical personnel and patients.

Three-Anti-SMMS Technology

Winner Medical’s SMMS surgical gown incorporates innovative three-anti-SMMS material technology. This advanced feature effectively blocks the penetration of liquids and bacteria, serving as a crucial barrier against contamination. The gown’s material also maintains a certain level of air permeability, promoting comfort and breathability throughout surgical procedures.

Antibody-Treated Surface for Enhanced Durability

The SMMS material used in Winner Medical’s surgical gown is treated with three antibodies: anti-blood, anti-alcohol, and anti-grease. This treatment enhances the gown’s resistance to common liquids found in the operating room. By providing an additional layer of protection, the gown ensures durability and longevity, even during extended surgical procedures.


When it comes to surgical gowns, Winner Medical’s SMMS surgical gown offers a reliable solution for healthcare professionals. Its hydrophobic SMMS material, combined with three-anti-SMMS technology and antibody-treated surface, provides optimal protection against liquids, bacteria, and common contaminants. With its focus on durability and comfort, the SMMS surgical gown is a recommended choice for moderate-risk surgical procedures. Trust Winner Medical’s SMMS surgical gown for reliable protection in the operating room.

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