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Unleashing Elasticity and Compactness with SMT Pogo Pins

The electronics industry and the field of semiconductor testing are being revolutionized by Pomagtor, a dedicated manufacturer in the spring pin smt pogo pin and test probe fields. They target these industries explicitly with their line of cutting-edge products, which emphasize optimal performance above domestic electrical measurements.

Anti-Drilling Structure: Empowering Small-Sized Connectors

The clever anti-drilling nature of Pomagtor’s SMT pogo pins makes them perfect for use with tiny connectors. This design successfully satisfies customers’ requests for elasticity while maintaining a small form factor. This design ensures enough spring assembly space even in small spaces because the spring’s extended length exceeds that of the needle. The creative solution from Pomagtor offers the performance and flexibility required in situations with limited space.

Combining Stability and Flexibility with Hollowed Needle Shafts

Pomagtor adopts a unique approach to address space limitations while maintaining functionality. They hollow out the inside of the needle shaft, creating extra space for spring assembly. This method allows customers to benefit from a stable spring force and a relatively large compression stroke, expanding the range of options available to meet their specific requirements. Pomagtor’s innovative solution offers flexibility and performance in applications with restricted space.


In conclusion, Pomagtor excels in the production of smt pogo pins and test probes, prioritizing the electronics industry and semiconductor testing field. With their anti-drilling structure for small-sized connectors and innovative hollowed needle shaft design, these pins offer unmatched elasticity, stability, and flexibility. Pomagtor continues to push boundaries, delivering cutting-edge solutions for diverse market requirements.

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