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VTCBATT’s Vxl10000 10kWh 51.2V 200Ah Rackmount ESS Battery: Power and Versatility in Energy Storage

VTCBATT is at the forefront of energy storage battery innovation, and their Vxl10000 10kWh 51.2V 200Ah Rackmount ESS (Energy Storage System) Battery is a prime example of their commitment to providing cutting-edge solutions. With impressive power output, versatile installation options, and advanced features, the VTCBATT Vxl10000 battery is revolutionizing the battery power storage stored, managed, and utilized in residential and commercial applications.

Self-produced battery cells

VTCBATT produces its own Vxl10000 10kWh 51.2V 200Ah Rackmount ESS cells, insisting on using only brand-new A-grade cells to ensure the safety and best performance of the battery pack. Compared with other manufacturers using recycled cells, VTCBATT’s products can better guarantee the stability of the cells and the effective management of the BMS, providing safety and security for users. The presence of a BMS also gives this unit many features that allow it to operate more efficiently.

With unique design

This battery is available in black, white and if you want other colors, you can customize it by contacting them, they are there to provide customization. Also, they have an advanced internal design cooling that automatically drops down when it reaches a certain temperature to adapt to the natural temperature. This is a huge advantage for storage batteries.


VTCBATT’s Vxl10000 10kWh 51.2V 200Ah Rackmount ESS battery is revolutionizing the energy storage landscape. With its self-produced battery cells and unique design, this battery is capable of meeting the energy demands of residential and commercial applications alike. Whether it is augmenting renewable energy systems, providing backup power during outages, or optimizing energy usage, the VTCBATT Vxl10000 battery offers power, versatility, and reliability.

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