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GETO Global Construction: Leading the Way with Innovative Aluminium System Formwork

GETO Global Construction, an industry leader in construction solutions, is at the forefront of innovation with their state-of-the-art Aluminium System Formwork. Their commitment to excellence, advanced formwork system, and extensive production capabilities make them the preferred choice for construction projects worldwide.

GETO’s Commitment to Excellence

As an A-share listed company, GETO Global Construction specializes in new-type building aluminium formwork and assembly PC components. Their dedication to delivering high-quality products is evident in their commitment to exceeding customer expectations. With their global management headquarters strategically located in the heart of the Greater Bay Area, they are well-positioned to serve customers around the world.

Advanced Aluminium Formwork System

GETO Global Construction’s Aluminium System Formwork combines the power of Flat-Tie, Hollow Section, Aluminium Formwork, and Steel Accessories to create a versatile and efficient solution for wall and column formworks. The use of these advanced materials enables construction professionals to achieve precision adjustments and enhanced verticality control, resulting in superior concrete casting. GETO’s formwork system is designed to meet the diverse needs of construction projects, ensuring optimal performance and durability.

Extensive Production Bases and Capacity

GETO Global Construction boasts an extensive network of production bases in China and Malaysia. With 10 strategically located production facilities, they have a total production capacity of 5,000,000 ㎡. This vast production capability ensures a timely supply of their high-quality aluminium formwork products to customers worldwide. Through scale, specialization, and intelligent manufacturing processes, GETO Global Construction is able to meet the demands of construction projects of any size and complexity.


GETO Global Construction’s innovative Aluminium System Formwork sets the industry standard for excellence in construction solutions. With their unwavering commitment to delivering high-quality products and exceeding customer expectations, they have gained the trust and confidence of construction professionals globally. Their advanced formwork system, incorporating Flat-Tie, Hollow Section, Aluminium Formwork, and Steel Accessories, allows for precise adjustments and superior concrete casting. Supported by extensive production bases and a remarkable production capacity, GETO Global Construction ensures a timely supply of their cutting-edge formwork products. Experience the future of construction with GETO Global Construction’s Aluminium System Formwork and witness the transformation of your construction projects.

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